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Generated application code
RISE can generate code to make use of your information model. This is done from within the RISE Editor by selecting how to generate the code and a code generator to use. The code is either generated directly to disk, by the RISE Editor itself, or by sending the model to a RISE Server for generation, see Using the RISE Server for more details.
The generated code is intended for two different scenarios. It can either be directly included in your own application, client application or web application, or it can be used as a complete standalone web service application. In essence, a code generator generates two types of output; code for accessing your database and web service wrappers for that code. The web services generated by RISE are fully standardized SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocoll) web services. Read the section on Application Development to see how integrate and use the generated application code in different environments and scenarios.
The user connects and uses the application code generators in the same way as when generating database code. The only difference is that an application code generator is likely to generate multiple files.
c# for odbc
Read more about the c# for ODBC code generator available in RISE.
Learn about the output and specifics of the RISE PHP code generator.