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Update your Database

The generated database scripts may of course be executed using the query tool for the respective database, e.g. a database script for SQL Server may be executed using the SQL Server Enterprise manager. However, a database script generated by a RISE Code Generator can also be used to update your database from within Visual Studio. Right click on the script file in your Solution Explorer and select Update Database.
Update Database Menu Item
A form containing your generated code will appear. The first time you update a database using the script, you must specify the connection string to your database. Click on the Connect button to connect to the database. Information about the state of your database model is displayed.

The database code generators write incremental scripts for creating, and updating, relational database models based on the RISE model. A RISE model contains, unless it's been refactored, the entire life-cycle of the data model. The code generator translates this life-cycle into an incremental database specific script. This means that RISE allows you to continue working on your production system models, generate code, and update the databases incrementally without losing any data.

Update Database Form
In this example we are updating an existing database with three model evolutions.