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Start Using RISE Visual Modeling

When you have installed the RISE Visual Modeling VS 2010 Extension and opened a solution, you will find the RISE menu item in the Tools menu.
The RISE tools menu item
Select the RISE menu item to open the form below. The form helps you getting started using RISE Visual Modeling. It contains information on how to activate the full version of the software, download links for software you might want to use as well as links for the online documentation.
Activation, Documentation and download links

Activate Full Version

The RISE Visual Modeling Extension has a 14 day trial period, after which you need to activate the software. Click on the "Activate Full Version" link and enter your activation license.

Download the RISE Editor

The actual modeling takes place in the RISE Editor; a free standalone application deployed using the Microsoft Click Once technology. You and your development team can work together producing your information system models during the development life cycle.

You do not need to have the RISE Editor installed on your Visual Studio machine in order to use the RISE Visual Modeling Extension. You will be able to generate the code into your Visual Studio solution, even if the RISE model was created somewhere else. However, if you want to be able to launch RISE from within the Visual Studio IDE to work with your model, you will need to install the RISE Editor.

Download RISE Code Generators

The RISE suit provides a range of code generators for transforming your RISE model into software. Download the Code Generators of your choice.

Display the online Documentation

This link gives you access to the online documentation for RISE Visual Modeling, the RISE Editor and the RISE Code Generators.