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Application development
The final step when creating your business information solution is to make use of your server and information model. This can be done in many different ways, such as developing a desktop client or web application or by integrating the information solution in a larger system or integration engine. All in all, this has less to do with RISE and more to do with general software development and programming. We cover this area for the sake of completeness and to point-out some RISE specifics.
The output of RISE can be used in virtually any development. Thus, you don't have to use the generated c# solution in a .NET application. A RISE information solution can be called from any language and environment capable of calling web services such as Visual Studio, NetBeans or Eclipse. It's also possible to call the information solution from any modern integration environment such as BizTalk or WebSphere. Or you may call it from a plain html page, using JavaScript, in which case all you need is a text editor.
In the examples, in this section, we'll make use of the generated web services, unless otherwise stated, since this is the more flexible approach.
.NET Visual Studio
Read our collection of articles on how to develop an application accessing a RISE information solution in Visual Studio. These articles cover several different types of Visual Studio projects such as native Windows clients and server-side ASP.NET applications.
Javascript AJAX
Read our collection of articles on how to develop an application accessing a RISE information solution using AJAX from a web browser.
Analyze your database
Browse and analyze existing or generated databases using the builtin SQL utility.
Test your solution
You can test run deployed web services directly from RISE.