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Generate Code

RISE Visual Modeling allows you to configure any number of RISE Code Generators to execute on demand and automatically update your visual studio solution with the generated code. Right click on your RISE model in your Solution Explorer and select Generate Code.
Generate Code
The Generate Code form contains a list of the Code Generators to execute, a tree view displaying the generated code and a tree view containing all projects and folders of your solution.
The Generate Code Form
Add the Code Generators of your choice. In our example we want to generate code using three different code generators, the SQL Server Code Generator for the database layer, the C# Code Generator for the application layer and the AJAX Code Generator for the Graphical User Interface in our Rich Internet Application.
Add Code Generator
You can browse to find your code generators, e.g. if your code generators are installed on a shared network drive. All Code Generators installed on your local machine, as well as all Code Generators previously used by you, are available in the drop down list.

You add the generated code to your solution by dragging the respective nodes to the desired location in the Projects and Folders’ tree. In our example solution we have one project, cop.service, for our web services and Ajax code and one project, cop.db, for our persistent database classes. We have added the incremental database script to our Solution Items.
The Generate Code Form
The settings are saved, and the generated code is added to your solution when when you hit the OK button. From now on, when you select the Generate Code menu item in the Solution Explorer, the configured code generators are executed automatically. If you have updated your model in such a way the additional code files are generated, these will appear in the Generated Code tree view high lighted with a warning sign. Drag the new code to the desired position in your solution and hit the OK button.