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The Marshal ETL Suite helps you to assemble data, from systems and databases, into meaningful business objects and export them as XML files or to other databases. It's a set of tools to create and execute information transfer models and to generate source code for further transformation or loading. A Marshal transfer model supports any information structure, depth or complexity and allows you to interweave data from different sources and deliver to multiple targets. 

Marshal Extract Transform Load
In Marshal, modeling is visual and carried out in terms of the desired result. The model is built by adding data extraction operations, linking them to one another, specifying the output processing and determining what is to be saved and how. Marshal provides several different extraction operators, referred to as harvesters, e.g. for running SQL statements and calling web services. The processing functionality includes programmatic tools, such as regular expressions and XPaths, and conversion utilities such as MD5, SHA and base64 encoders. Finally, modeling provides detailed support for determining resulting file structures, the schema of XML files and what's written to any target databases.

Sometimes loading and usage of the extracted information requires adaption to non-standard solutions. Therefore, Marshal provides an open runtime environment with various options for running custom software as part of the process.

Code generators to support custom post-processing and loadinTo assists the development of custom applications, Marshal provides a set of code generators for common programming languages such as Java and c#.

The generated source code can be used to implement your custom software making use of the transferred information or to perform the processing and loading required to get the information where you need it, the way you want it. 

Read our articles on how to develop an information transfer model. This includes harvesting source systems as well as how to transform, import and store the resulting data.
Explore Marshals support for triggering and running information transfers; scheduled services, programmatic on-demand services, GUI for manual execution.
The Marshal product family consists of a range of software components to use in different scenarios. Here you'll find further information on a per software basis.