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Marshal Archiver - Scheduled Batch Data Migration

Marshal Archiver is the backend Windows Service for running your information models. It supports scheduled execution as well on-demand execution, via Windows Communication Foundation, of your models. The Archiver executes jobs, where each job may consist of any sequence of pre-processors, models and post-processors. 

Model the migration rules in Marshal Editor, store your models in a Marshal Repository and execute the jobs using the Marshal Archiver. Use Marshal Repository Publisher to enable Marshal Archiver to use a Repository on a remote server.
By default, Marshal Archiver runs as the Local System account. You can of course select another account for Marshal Archiver in the same way you would for any windows service.
If you use windows authentication when accessing your source systems, make sure that the Marshal Archiver has read access to the data you want to export. You can of course also add the necessary authentication credentials in your models.
To use Marshal Archiver, you need a Marshal Repository and a license. You can buy licenses for Marshal Archiver online in our Web Shop.
Marshal Archiver

Installing and administering Marshal Archiver

Installation is easy; download and execute the installer. The Marshal Archiver installation wizard will guide you through the installation process. The installation program installs the Marshal Archiver service along with a windows application for administration and configuration of the Marshal Archiver, Marshal Archiver Admin. This application is used to configure the jobs that Marshal Archiver executes. You can read more about how to configure Marshal Archiver in the article Marshal Archiver Admin.

Monitoring Marshal Archiver

Marshal Archiver will log all relevant warnings and error messages in the event viewer. This means that you can use your standard tools to monitor Marshal Archiver.

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