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Marshal Editor - Model driven Data Migration

Marshal provides a visual environment to help you when modeling your data extraction, the Marshal Editor. Using the Marshal Editor you model how to harvest data from your source systems as well as how to deliver the result to target databases or the file system.

A Marshal data migration model is essentially a tree structure that you assemble based on the content and structure of your source and target systems. Marshal has a rich set of properties and possibilities that you may use to get the result exactly the way you want it. 

Marshal uses harvesters to retrieve data from various sources, and data processors to manipulate the data. Several harvesters are included in Marshal allowing you to harvest data from more or less any relational database and/or web service. You can combine any of the harvesters in your model to intertwine information from multiple sources.
The Marshal Editor
Depending on the harvesters used, Marshal Editor may be able to assist even further. For instance, when using a database harvester, the Marshal Editor automatically retrieves schema information from your databases, making structuring of the information highly efficient. Tables, views, columns and datatypes are automatically discovered. 

To assists the development of custom applications, the Marshal Editor provides a set of code generators for common programming languages such as Java and c#. 

The generated source code can be used to implement your custom software making use of the harvested information or to perform the processing and loading required to get the information where you need it, the way you want it.