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RISE Editor v4

Version RISE moves to .NET 4.0

As of version the RISE Editor moves from .NET framework 3.5 to .NET framework 4.0. The RISE Editor is deployed using the Microsoft ClickOnce technology. When installing a ClickOnce application you are given the opportunity to install prerequisites. However, when upgrading, you are not automatically given this opportunity.

If you need to upgrade to .NET framework 4.0, you can download the framework here.

Version 4.5 includes the following extensions and new features:
  • Decimal data type supported for storing fixed-point (exact) numbers with specified precision and scale. See each code generator for further information on how it's mapped.
  • Export all model drawings as images (File | Save all Drawings As...).
  • New "Implement ..." function for simplified maintenance of interfaces. Right-click your interface and select the entities and views to implement or update.
Version 4.4 includes the following extensions and new features:

Version 4.3 includes the following extensions and new features:

  • Show attribute details (null, size, unique) directly in drawing.
  • Show indexes directly in drawing.
  • Obsolete code has been removed making the installer significantly smaller.
  • New template models.
  • All code generators have been updated. Download new ones to avoid warnings!
Entities with Show Details and Show Indexes enabled

Version 4.1 includes the following extensions and new features:

  • Relational Database Diagrams are now supported alongside the UML Class Diagrams and ERD crow's foot notation.  See the image 1 below or read more in our section on drawing mode.
  • Implementation hints for UML class diagrams, see image 2 below.
  • Post-process commands for method calls in method compositions. Read more in the article Call post-processing.
  • Uppdated data manager for embedding configuration data in your models.
Relational Database Diagram
Image 1. A Relational Database Diagram displaying how RISE interprets the model in terms of a relational database target environment.
UML Class Diagram with Implementation Hints
Image 2. A UML Class Diagram with implementation hints.

Version 4.0 includes the following extensions and new features:

  • Import database schema. Transform tables and views in your existing databases1 into entities in your RISE model.
  • Copy and paste elements between drawings in different models.
  • New code generator concept. The code generators are now separate applications to support:
    • automated code generation using scripts or from within your development environment.
    • custom, third party, development of RISE model code generators.
  • UML notation is now supported alongside the ERD crow's foot notation.  See the image 3 below or read more in our section on modeling conventions.
  • Embedded SQL utility tool. Browse and analyze your SQL databases1 directly from within RISE. 

UML Style

Image 3. A UML Class Diagram.

1) The utility tool and import functionality works with most ODBC compliant databases. Note, this includes databases for which there are, currently, no code generators. We've tested the utility and import with SQL Server, MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle and DB2.